Episode 23: Time Is Money Shot


This podcast was done online and stream on Tiago's twitch.tv/engineer2g The Brew was a mix of Tea and Jack Daniels Winter Jack... SofaKingCrizpy Got a little tipsy.  Seeing as this is our first podcast of the New Brew Year we placed a poll on thegeekbrew.com on who would be our Broad of the Brew Year... The Broad of the Brew Year 2013 is Amber Berger (ConfessBB) check out the broad of the brew page for more pics and links to her and many others. This podcast we discussed Star Wars moving to Marvel Comics, Darth Vader VS Wolverine, Star Wars Mashups, Legalizing Marijuana in NY, Marijuana Lounges, Bionic ears, disney, confessbb, 3d printers ,and if you want to know more then listen to the podcast or just SMD