Some Early Thoughts For Transformers 4: Age of Extinction

So after the monetary success of the past three movies, Michael Bay is at it again with his fourth film. Oh God. This film seems to take place four years after the last film and all Transformers are hunted (Autobot and Decepticon). The government seems to have forgotten that it was the Autobots that allowed humanity to stop the Decepticons and rescue Chicago and the world. So the government is back to being the arrogant, evil entity it is always seems to be and is learned how to make our own Transformers. Little to what they realize a large and powerful force is coming to Earth and humanity is in its way and once again Optimus Prime and the rest of the Autobots must rise up to stop it. Except this time after being hunted for so long, why would they? While this is going on a father, his daughter and her boyfriend are caught up in the middle and must convince Optimus to save humanity and find new allies to help (the Dinobots finally make an appererance).

HA, like we haven't heard this before. This is what it most likely be about, Mark Wahlberg's character and family get caught up between world government forces and Decepticon forces and must convince Optimus to get the Autobots to help them save the day. Basically the same plot as the last three films but with different characters and actors. If you look closely at the trailers it looks like Michael Bay is killing off another famous Autobot Ratchet. probably will happen in a flash back from Optimus. Bay is also spitting on Transformers lore concerning their creation. The All Spark from the first film was said to be the source of life for the Autobots and perhaps how the came to existence. I hope that if possible the full story was that it was an artifact created and used by Primus the Transformer creator (considering its size not that hard to believe since Primus was a planet and the cube was gigantic). Now apparently it is so easy that humanity can do it to just by either putting together corpses frankenstein style or using the bodies as materials and building from scratch. Would like to hear their explanation of how the sparks for their artificial Transformers were created. Did they just pump the bodies with energon (which is their fuel and life) and the sparks generated on their own?

Next I want to talk about how Michael Bay is changing the looks of the Transformers again. This time its not to make them realistic, but to kiss the ass of his Chinese investment backers and possible fan base. Almost all of the Autobots got a make over to look more sleeker and Asian in theme.

Optimus no longer as any relation to his original look from the comics and cartoons which we all grew up with. He Just looks like a generic robot with a sword, which I would like to know where that thing came from. Optimus was not known for using a sword all that much and it was mostly an energy or energon blade.

As you can clearly see Michael Bay once again changed things just for the sake of changing things. Not only does Optimus barely looks like Optimus but Drift?!!! Why does Drift look like a Samurai?? There is no reason he needs to look like that. Ok sure he mainly uses swords but why the samurai look? Then bumblebee now needs to look like a bug? His original look (I mean G1 look not Michael Bays other three movies) had nothing that looked like bugs or bees so why now? They just look so generic and with no hint to their original looks from the original comics. I know I use the words original a lot and I am coming off as a purist but there is a difference between modernizing vs. just changing for the sake of changing.  You can modernize characters and still take some ques from their original looks and characteristics, like Optimus' look in the previous movies which I really liked. He looked the part and made sense with their new way of transforming and worked. Ratchet was a emergency vehicle like his G1 counterpart (different colors but that's nit picking). So why the change I would like to know Michael Bay. My theory its to help ticket sales in Asia by making the Transformers more like classic Asian robots, plus having the movie take place mostly in Hong Kong and have a Chinese company also making there own Transformers.

Lastly I want to talk about the Dinobots. Reported to be in the movie there will be 7 Dinobots in the movie. Yes you heard me correctly there will be 7 Dinobots. The classic Dinobots Grimlock, Slug, Snarl, Strafe (aka Swoop) and Slog (aka Sludge) will be there. Why the rename not sure, probably to make them sound better. I do like the name Strafe over Swoop, it is definitely a tougher sounding name.  

Then there is the two other Dinobots created for the film, Scorn (a Spinosaurus) and Slash (a Raptor of some kind). I was very excited to hear that the Dinobots would be in this movie since like many people I am a big fan of them. I am curious what their origin story will be, if they get an explanation at all. In the cartoon they were created by Ratchet and Wheeljack after they discover dinosaur bones near the Ark and deciding to create new warriors in their image. In the comics they were an elite strike team that was activated to battle Shockwave who had came to prehistoric earth in search of the Ark but in dinosaur forms. I will have to wait until after I see the movie to give some serious opinions for the Dinobots. I do want to point out the very draconian look to them, especially Grimlock. Also their size. In the trailer we see Optimus tussle with Grimlock and Grimlock is HUGE!!! He is so tall that Optimus can clime onto his back and ride. That doesn't give me much confidence of seeing the Dinobots in robot form (which they are able to do).

If Optimus is as tall or taller than a two story home and he can ride Grimlock, then Grimlock is so tall that that same house would come up to his knee or just below his hip. If he went Robot form he would be GIGANTIC. He would tower over any other Transformer. He could have fought Devastator from the second film on his own (which ironically the Dinobots were the only Autobots that could fight Devastator besides their own combiners). So to keep things from being ridiculous the Dinobots might not transform which I would feel really upset about. See Grimlock transform with his iconic flame sword would be amazing and I hope that in the big battle at the end, after the Decepticons bring out their trump card we see Grimlock transform and completely rip it apart in true elite Dinobot warrior form.

I feel very conflicted concerning this movie, not happy about the changes that I have seen in the trailers and leaked pictures but there is possibility of a Transformer film that is about the Transformers and not about some human character's personal dilemmas. Plus the Dinobots which hopefully were done right. So Michael Bay I might give you one more chance and if you screw this film up, no more. I will start a petition for a reboot of the Transformer film series with you far away from it and that you loose the right to associate and work on any further Ninja Turtle films cause I have a bad feeling to that movie as well. DON'T SCREW THIS UP MICHAEL BAY!!!

Thank you all for reading this and I might do a follow up article after watching the film. Like to hear you peoples thoughts and fears for this film and lets all say a prayer to the film gods or transformer gods that this movie is the movie we deserved.