Why The Transformers Movies Were Bad: Part 1

If you were like me, you were disappointed by Michael Bay and his version of Transformers, and with the newest movie coming out in a couple of weeks, a feeling of dread is coming on. I want the movie to do good, I love Transformers, but the past three movies didn't give me a sense of confidence. There are a few things that caused that. Besides the change in looks, lore, the introduction of new characters (*cough* Mikaela *cough*), and the overarching story was not good or at the very least not appropriate for a Transformers film series. These where movies that said that they were about the Transformers and yet there weren't. It was about Sam, the unpopular boy impressing the hot girl and becoming a man. There were Transformers true but each of the movies were about Sam. NNNOOOOOO!!!!!!! Its called TRANSFORMERS!!!! "Not Boy Impress Girl To Get Into Her Pants And Trying To Be A Man".

Don't get me wrong there were some good things. I thought the whole plot of the All Spark Cube and the state of the Tranformers war was pretty good and why they were here on earth made sense. Also I loved how they were made to look more realistic, especially their trasformation process (the nod to the old transformation sound from the original cartoons in the first movie made me smile). The problem is that the whole Transformers back story and the Transformers themselves was just the setting for the actual movie plot, the story of Sam Witwicky (who by the way also doesn't exsist in the comics or cartoon). 

                               Actual Sam Witwicky from the cartoons and comics, who wasn't even called Sam but Spike

                               Actual Sam Witwicky from the cartoons and comics, who wasn't even called Sam but Spike

In pretty much in every scene, Sam was in it, and when he wasn't, it was the rest of the human cast. In the later movies it got worse where he was in almost the entire movie. The overarching story for the movies can be summed into three parts. 1st movie: Boy wants to impress girl, get thrown into situation he's not prepared for, overcomes situation, gets the girl. 2nd movie: Boy growing up and having trouble coping with the changes, trouble with girl, thrown into another crazy situation, overcomes situation, proofs to himself that he is now a man, relationship with girl is now stronger. 3rd movie: Guy feels that he is not achieving anything, got a new girl, trying to live up to self expectations, new crazy situation he is thrown in and in the end overcomes and feels like he truly is a man. For each movie, Sam situations are to stop the Decepticons plans of human destruction with the help of the Autobots, and is pivotal in defeating them. They are not supposed to be like that. They are the movies about the transformers, the war between the Autobots and the Decepticons with the fate of humanity on the line. The human cast are meant to give a human prospective to what is happening. The only good thing about the human cast were the government and military people cause it gave an idea of how are military and government would handle that kind of situation. Not completely mind you. Also the whole sabot round "magic bullet" bullshit they wrote made no sense when the transformers were using plasma and laser weaponry and yet they seemed to handle that pretty well. 

The third movie was admittedly the better of the three, but not by much. Now that's enough about all the bad things about the story and how Michael Bay handled the human cast (bad feeling that the new movie wont be better). Next time I will talk about the poor writing when it came to the Transformers themselves with the final conclusion with my thoughts on the fourth movie from what I have seen. 

Leave your comments and I would love to here about your thoughts about the movies. By the way in my opinion the best one was the 1986 film The Transformers: The Movie, which actually all about the Transformers and I still think about the movie whenever I hear "The Touch" by Stan Bush