Arma 3:The Altis Life Mod

Lets start off by explaining to those of you who don't know what Arma is.  Arma 3 is the third game in the Arma series (derp), a hyper realistic military shooter.  This hyper realism is what makes the game so ripe for the modding world.  In Arma 2 if you wanted to use a mod, such as


, you usually had to download a separate client and jump through several digital hoops too get the game running, but is seems that the creators of Arma 3 have come to terms with the fact that people will be modding their game and they can't stop it so this time around the whole experience is much easier to setup.  If you want to play a mod in Arma 3 you just simply find a server running the mod and join... That's it.

The Mod that we at The Geek Brew have been playing non stop is Altis Life.  Essentially Altis Life is the largest most intricate game of cops and robbers... it is what GTA5 online should have been.  You can either be a police officer and uphold the law, a civilian and choose to also up hold the law (yawn) or break the law in many ways.  You can become a notorious drug lord, or poach turtles and sell them, or just become a rebel and take over an entire town with friends.  Whats great about this game is it isn't so much about leveling up or getting good gear its about making a story for yourself and friends to enjoy.  You can get in high speed chases and go to jail then get broken out via helicopter or rob the federal reserve and get away with all the loot.  It's all about the experience you go through while playing.

In the game as a civilian you start off as a meager citizen with very little cash (depending on the server) and you can either make your way up in the world or just be a douche begging for dollars in the main square. Either way its your story to tell and you decide how it will be told.

Enjoy this video of Woody being a dick to the Police.