Underrated Heroes and Villains – Day19: Cardiac

Underrated Heroes and Villains – Day19: Cardiac

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What’s up everyone out there? Are you tired of reading my articles yet?  I hope not, I’m not tired of writing them. Tonight we’re going back to 90’s, now that I think about it there was a boom of minority characters around that time. Most of the people I have been going on about first were put to paper in the 90’s. But enough about that, you came here to hear about other Underrated Black Heroes and Villains. Tonight I’m going to introduce Marvel Comics Cardiac, whose real name is Dr. Elias "Eli" Wirtham, made his first appearance the Amazing Spider-Man Comic Series Issue 342 in December, 1990.

When Elias’ older brother Joshua dies of a rare incurable disease, Elias becomes driven to save lives in honor of his brother. While in medical school he becomes roommates with Kevin Trench, hey doesn't that name sound familiar?

With school behind him he would become a top rate physician and surgeon.  Over time he would open and run his own

biological research company.

He would soon learn of a new drug that could have saved his brother’s life. To see that no other family suffers the lost that he had, Elias buys out controlling shares of this miracle drug manufacturer’s company.  Once Dr. Wirtham owns the company, he was horrified when he learned that the company had created the drug years ago. But they chose to withhold it until more cases surface to make more of a profit.

Driven by the meaningless death of his brother and knowledge that he could have been saved, Dr. Elias devotes his life to making sure that profit is never put before life again not on his watch. Back at his research company he would discover an experimental operation that could replace his heart with a beta particle reactor, which would be capable of supplying energy throughout his body. He would create a staff to focus the energy into concussive blast, powerful enough to stop a truck.

 Add to that a vibranium mesh that would be weaved under his costume to help protect him in dangerous situations, he would be the perfect instrument to avenge the deaths of innocents that where caused by the untouchable. He would become the beating heart of justice, a Guardian-Angel for the forgotten, he would become Cardiac.

Now armed and ready for any fight, Cardiac hits the street on his first mission Sapirdyne Chemicals, a company owned by Justin Hammer. The reason that Cardiac targeted Sapirdyne Chemicals was because they were producing a


chemical production of cocaine. There he would encounter Spider-man while trying to destroy the factory.

Even though the two never saw eye to eye Cardiac looked up to Spider-Man as his own hero, and would repeatedly attempt to make the Wall Crawler his ally. Of course this wouldn't work; the two heroes would fight on different occasions.  

In retaliation for the destruction of his plant, Hammer hires the Rhino to put an end to Cardiac, but the dimwitted Rhino was no match for Cardiac.   

Cardiac would team up with quite a few of Marvel’s mainstream heroes. He would team-up with Johnny Blaze and Ghost Rider to put an end to Child, Inc., a charity that was secretly selling children.  The three heroes were able to make short work of the evil corporation. 

He would later team up with anti-terrorist hero Solo to try take down a rampaging Wolverine who was under the

possession of an extraterrestrial. They were unable to stop the Wolverine, by the way this was around the time Logan had bone claws, and do you remember that?  

We would not see Cardiac again until Superior Spider-Man series when he battles a Doctor Octopus' mind in Peter Parker's body Spider-man. 

There you have it, I hoped I made you want hit your local comic shop and pick a few issues to read about Cardiac for yourself. Come back tomorrow for the day 20 of

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And here is tonight’s question:

Who created Spider-Man's clone?