Underrated Heroes and Villains – Day 23: Moses Magnum

Underrated Heroes and Villains – Day 23: Moses Magnum

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I hope everyone out there has been enjoying my articles. I wish other people besides the ones that know me would comment…

Its day 23 as we’re almost at the end of this adventure, I’m finding it hard to find the time write. So these last few entries might be a little short, I say that now but it always starts out short and whines up being long. Before I go on I want to thank the person who commented on Deathlok article on The Geek Brew website. It’s true; I might not have explained why I feel they are

underrated, it’s just me talking about characters you can find on the web. But my goal was to introduce readers to characters they might not know existed or would have even looked up. Maybe I chose the wrong name for this batch of articles, what do you think?  But we here at the Geek Brew do listen to our readers and our listeners and we try to improve. So again I say thank you.

I was talking to one of my readers and they felt that sometime when I write my articles that I mention other characters in passing that non-comics book readers might not know.  So tonight’s edition will kind of piggy back with day 21, when I mentioned him fighting Deathlok. Let me properly introduce you Marvel Comics super villain Moses Magnum. Moses Magnum first appearance in Giant-size Spider-man issue 4 in 1975, which by the way was 2 years before I was born.

 Moses Magnum was born in Ethiopia, at a young age he became fascinated with weapons and this began his thirst for power. When Italy invades his home land, he would rise up and join the invaders to fight his own people, I hate to say there is always one in every group. His passion for weapons would lead Moses to become president of the Deterrence Research Corporation, one of the world’s

independent weapons manufacturing

 companies. His company would soon be hired to create a toxic biochemical gas; he would test his creation on kidnapped civilians. You would think if he was so smart to rise up and become

president of a company that he would set up shop in a city full heroes. But of course he wasn’t, he would soon have to deal with Spider-man and the Punisher, who would make quick work of him. Even after being exposed to his on gas he would barley escape with his life. 

Moses when then soon battle Luke Cage, on the island of Katsyu Shima while trying to drill to the Earth’s core. During the fight, Moses drilling would cause a massive earthquake, Cage was able to escape, but Moses fell down drill shaft, he was thought to have perished. Has he fell to his demise, Moses would be saved by the by the mutant threat Apocalypse. Apocalypse would grant Moses what he wanted most power, in return for him to be his willing servant.

Moses would now possess superhuman ability to generate seismic force which amplifies his strength and connects him to seismic vibrations. He would then be able to release this energy to cause destructive earthquakes. This new power he dubbed the Magnum Force. He then set his sights on ruling the world after receiving advanced technology to increase his strength and power.

 He would start of by issuing the Prime Minister Japan an ultimatum, if he didn’t bow down in the next 24 hours and proclaim him absolute ruler he would unleash an earthquake power enough to sink the island. To demonstrate his intentions where true, he would

eradicate one of it’s the port cities. His show of force would be met by resistance in the form of Japans national hero Sunfire and his teammates the Uncanny X-men. 

Angered by this, Moses unleashes his full power.  To counteract the earthquake, the X-men know as Banshee, would release a powerful scream to block Moses’ seismic energy. The two unstoppable forces would cause an explosion, that would destroy Magnum’s base, but not before he would have time to retreat.

He would then set his sights on nation of Wakanda, but was foiled by the Black Panther and Deathlok. This failure would not go unnoticed by his true master Apocalypse. Apocalypse would punish Moses by stripping him of his control.  The result of not having full control over his powers would cause an earthquake whenever his walked on solid ground.  

He would again on multiple occasions try to redeem himself in Apocalypse eyes, but time and time again he would be stopped my some of Marvel’s greatest superheroes. The last attempt would cost him his freedom and he would be locked up.

We would last see him during the Marvel Dark Reign’s story line. Norman Osborn would break Magnum and three other villains out of jail in what he thought was a plan to kill, Daken, who was posing as Wolverine on Norman Dark’s Avengers team. But in reality Norman’s plan was to have Daken capture the villains to increase Daken’s view in the eye of the public.  Moses and the other villains would realize that the task would not be that easy as Daken was a force to be reckoned with.  Magnum would release a seismic quake that would leave Daken severely beaten giving them a chance to escape. Later Daken would track down Moses and the rest killing them all in one fell swoop.

And that would put an end to the villain know as

Moses Magnum, which in turn ends day 23. I hope you enjoyed it. If you want to read about Moses Magnum yourself you can pick up issues 11, 22-25 of Marvel Comics Deathlok. I do hope you come back here tomorrow for day 24 of

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Here is tonight’s question:

Who killed Daken and how was he killed?