Underrated Heroes and Villains – Day 15: Bloodwynd

Underrated Heroes and Villains – Day 15: Bloodwynd

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Well the month is almost over; I hope so far I have introduced you to some new heroes and villains. Tonight we’re back in 1990 again, let me introduced you to DC Comics Bloodwynd. Bloodwynd whose real name is Freddy Widmer first made his appearance in Justice League America issue 61 back April 1992. I know what you’re thinking did comics in the 90’s just go character crazy? They kind of did as few of the characters kind of looked a little like each other.

But back to tonight’s hero, Freddy Widmer is the descendant of a group of slaves enslaved by

plantation owner by the name of Jacob Whitney. To put an end to Whitney, Tierney the slave performed an ancient ritual to create a mystical artifact the blood gem. The blood, sorrow, and misery of slaves combined with the moons mystical properties gave the gem its power. After the gem was crafted they used its power to kill their overseer.  

Unbeknownst to

the slaves, Blood Gem was actually a gateway to another dimension. When Whitney was killed his soul is imprisoned within the gem. There Whitney would grow stronger feeding on the evil deeds of a few of the gem's wielders. Whitney's spirit would then become the demon

incarnate Rott.

The Gem would then be passed down from generation to generation, with Bloodwynd being the current owner.  Rott would become strong enough to suck Bloodwynd’s soul inside the gem when he was using it mystical abilities of the gem for good.   The superhero Martian Manhunter mentally heard Bloodwynd’s soul cry out in pain. When the Manhunter arrived to aid the

suffering hero, but alas he was too late, Bloodwynd's entire essence was entrapped inside the gem. The Blood gem would merge itself within the chest of the Martian Manhunter.  Rott would then use mind control over the Manhunter, using the Martian’s morphing abilities to morph into copy of Bloodwynd.

Masquerading as Bloodwynd (Manhunter) would then join the Justice League of America (JLA) with hopes of finding something powerful enough release Rott for him his prison.  Manhunter would masquerade his Bloodwynd for a few adventures with the JLA.

The JLA would discover his that there wasn’t something quite right with Bloodwynd while they battling the unstoppable Doomsday.

 During the battle, Bloodwynd becomes incapacitated by fire, which we all know is a weakness of the

Martian Manhunter. Bloodwynd would refuse to go along with other team mates to treat their wounds, instead he mysteriously vanishes. 

The JLA was able to expose the truth about Bloodwynd and were able to free the Martian Manhunter of the mind control. The JLA traveled to the Blood gem’s other

dimension where they would battle Rott for Bloodwynd’s soul.

Once the real Bloodwynd was freed from his imprisonment he was offered membership to join the JLA. Sometime later Bloodwynd would hide from the team that offered him an alliance from the mystical villain Dreamslayer. Though he felt a strange kinship Dreamslayer, he did not join him nor did he stop him.  

During the Overmaster comic event, Bloodwynd would refuse to take part in the battle stating that what was happing was a natural course of events. As a result of these two events, Bloodwynd would question his place on the team, along with the rest of the league. He puts himself on reserve status with the team. He would rejoin the JLA during the Day of Judgment storyline where he is gravely injured fighting a group of Mafia-styled demons. We would last see Bloodwynd in a bar


in the Oblivion Bar in the Superman/Batman comics series. Bloodwynd’s current whereabouts are unknown. 

Bloodwynd is a skilled necromancy summing the spirit of the dead to increase his powers during battle. He can sense where death has occurred and can force murderers to experience the pain and suffering of their victims similar to certain Marvel Comic’s sprit of vengeance. The blood gem on his chest is the source of all his powers and grants him

unspecified mystical abilities

That wraps it up for day 15.  I would not mind seeing Bloodwynd being resurrected for the New 52. What do you think?

I hope to see back here tomorrow for day 16.

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Here is tonight’s question:  Which Justice League member’s wife was killed during the Identity Crisis mini-series, and who killed her?