Underrated Heroes and Villains – Day 14: Black Goliath

Underrated Heroes and Villains – Day 14: Black Goliath

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What’s up everybody, good to see you all made it back here for the next edition Underrated

Black Heroes and Villains. Tonight I will talk about Marvel Comics’ own Black Goliath. Black Goliath, real name Dr. William Barrett “Bill” Foster, first we meet him was in the Avengers issue 32 back in September, 1966. Wow I think this is the oldest character I have done so far.

William Foster grew up in the ghetto of



Los Angeles



. Due to his brilliant and scientific mind he was able to move on up and out of the inner city.  With his natural intelligence and encouragement, he was able to land a scholarship to California Technical Institute. After getting his doctorate in Biochemistry, Foster would get a job at Stark Industries, where he would work his way up the corporate ladder. He would land a job working with Dr. Hank Pym.  Tragedy strikes Dr. Pym, who as going by the code name Goliath, gets stuck at the height of ten feet tall for a while; Foster engineers a cure to change Dr. Pym back to his normal size.

All the work he did with Pym and his Pym Particles, gave him a chance to synthesize his own growth formula. He was able to create his own formula without any side effects.

Being infused with his version of Pym Particles, Goliath could increase his size up to 25 feet, he could have gone bigger but his heart might not with stand the strain. Goliath would gain superhuman strength to match his size.

His first task with the new formula was to try to win back his ex-wife. He told his ex that he was stuck at ten feet tall and was working in a circus order to save money to find a cure. He created a costume for himself and went by the name Black Goliath. His ex would go to see him along with her new boyfriend the superhero Power Man, who you probably know better as Luke Cage.

 There would be a slight brawl between the two, but they would learn to work it out when they realized that the circus that Foster worked for was really run by the Ringmaster and his Circus of Crime. After they stopped the Circus of Crime, William decides to become a superhero under the name Black Goliath.

As Black Goliath he would battle villains such as Atom Smasher, Warhawk and, Stilt-Man. He joins the superhero team the Champions of Los Angeles, as their technical advisor. 

After the team disbanded he would join the Defenders for only one mission before quitting the group.

 He would later join the


government's semi-secret energy research facility, Project Pegasus. There he would befriend the Fantastic Four’s own Ben Grimm the Thing. He would work with Ben for some time.  Foster would even change his name from Black Goliath to Gaint-man. 

Unfortunately Foster learned that he contracted radiation poisoning from his battles with the supervillian Atom-Smasher. Foster was able to turn away from death’s door when he was cured by a blood transfusion from superhero Jessica Drew better known as Spider-Woman.

After losing his powers, Dr. Foster would give up the mantle of Gaint-man, which was later picked up by Dr. Pym.  Foster, sometime in the future regains his powers.  He would don a new costume and the identity of Goliath this time without the black.  

But his time as a superhero again would be a short one. During Marvel Civil War, he would join Captain


's anti-registration Secret Avengers. 

During a battle between the Secret Avenger and Iron Man and his pro-registration forces, tragedy would fall upon Foster when he is struck down and killed by a clone of the son of Odin, The Mighty Thor.  

Since it wasn't possible to reduce his body to normal size, he was buried as a giant. His death affected the balance of the Civil war with key players such as Invisible Woman, the Human Torch, the Black Panther, Storm and Spider-Man switching to Captain


's side. We last see Foster Pluto's realm, refusing to accept death’s sweat embrace.

But let me wrap up day 14. If you want to read up on Black Goliath, you can pick up Marvel Comics Civil War and his short lived series Black Goliath which came out in 1976 that lasted 5 issues.

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Here is tonight’s question;

What Image comic character could change his size?

Ya’ll comeback now Ya hear.