Underrated Heroes and Villains – Day 13: Icon

Underrated Heroes and Villains – Day 13: Icon 

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It’s Day 13, and tonight I’m going to step away from Marvel and DC Comics and focus on a hero from Milestone Comics: Dakotaverse.  Now I know what you are thinking - if he is not from DC Universe, then why was he in the

Young Justice

cartoon. (I’m not going to go into what Milestone Comics was - if you want to know, check out an older article I did about Milestone Comics at



Icon, whose real name is Arnus, first

appears in


Issue 1 (May, 1993).  His origins date back to 1839, aboard a malfunctioning alien space craft.  Before this craft exploded, it expelled an escape pod that carried the alien baby Arnus. The life pod would find its way to Earth, where it would crash land on a cotton plantation. Upon its arrival, the craft was programmed automatically to alter the appearance of its precious cargo to mimic the first sentient life-form who discovered him. The first human to come upon him was a slave named Miriam. Miriam would find a baby boy inside who looked just like her.

As he got older, Arnus discovered that he was different from his fellow slaves.  He possessed special powers that seemed other-worldly. Arnus would use these special abilities to help his fellow slaves on the plantation with their labor. Arnus would later join the Underground Railroad to help slaves gain their freedom.  Arnus also found that he did not age.  While he passed time working on the farm, he waited for Earth’s technology to catch up to his own people’s so he could return to the stars. When slavery was abolished, he would take the surname Freeman. Arnus stopped aging when he became an adult.  He hid his immortality by

assuming the identity of his own son throughout the years. Arnus fought in the Civil War as well as World War II. He passed the bar in seven states, and he would end up using his degree in law to support himself.

Fast forward to modern times: we find Arnus, who now goes by the name Augustus Freeman IV, focused on his work after a lifetime of lost loves. All the while, he would be keeping a close eye on Alva Technologies, who were the closest to inventing the technology he would need to repair his spacecraft.  He was living a quiet life as a bigwig lawyer for some of


’s wealthiest people. That was until one night when his residence

is broken into by a group of teenagers.  One of them was an

idealistic teenage girl by the name of Raquel Ervin. Raquel was from



, one of the poorest, most gang-ridden neighborhoods in



Raquel would witness Augustus use his power for the first time in decades to hold off his robbers. After the other kids fled the scene, Raquel would apologize to Augustus for the attempted robbery.  She would persuade him to use his superpowers to help the people of Dakota. After giving the matter some thought, he eventually agreed. 

So Augustus donned a costume and became Icon. Raquel would later become his sidekick Rocket. 



comic book series lasted the whole run of Milestone Comics, which met its end in 1997. We would see Icon again when he, Rocket, Static, and Hardware were written into the mainstream DC Universe.

 Icon did make a brief cameo in

DC’s New 52

in the short-lived

Static Shock

series. Whether or not we see Icon again later is anybody’s guess, but I do hope so.

Icon possesses super strength and superhuman senses. While the exact limit of his strength is unknown, sources compare it to that of Superman.  Although Icon can run with incredible speed and agility, his main mode of transportation is flight. Icon can also release bolts of positron energy from his hands.

There you have it - that’s the end of Day 13. If what I had to say piqued your interest, you can pick up Milestone Comics’


Issues 1 thru 41. I hoped you enjoyed hearing about Icon. 

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But before I go, here is tonight’s question:

In the Worlds Collide summer event, who was Rocket’s love interest?