Underrated Heroes and Villains – Day 12: Vox

Underrated Heroes and Villains – Day 12: Vox

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Welcome back everybody! Are you ready for another exciting issue of Underrated Black Heroes and Villains? I know I am! Tonight we will be tackling a character who was on the short-lived animated series, DC Comics’

Young Justice

(which, by the way, was killed way before its time). Let me introduce you to DC Comics’ Vox.

Vox’s real name, Malcolm "Mal"


, was first seen in

Teen Titans’

Issue 26 in April 1970. Malcolm first comes across the Teen Titans when he rescues the team from a street gang called the Hell Hawks. Mal was able to beat the gang leader in a boxing match. Impressed by his courage, the team recruits Mal to the team. Being the only one on the team who has no powers or training, Mal begins to feel like he doesn’t belong on the team. Mal nearly gets killed while trying to prove to himself that he is worthy by stowing away on one of the team missions. Mal’s life changes when he comes across the strength-enhancing exoskeleton and one original Guardian costumes. Malcolm finally sees a chance to be a real hero.  He dons the exoskeleton and the costume, and the Guardian is reborn.

Sometime down the road, Mal, now as Guardian, dreams that he is battling The Angel of Death, Azrael. He awakes to find that it wasn’t a dream at all.  After winning the fight, Mal was permitted to live, as long as he never loses a fight. He was awarded Gabriel's mystical horn. The horn grants Mal magical powers whenever the odds are against him in a fight. With Gabriel's horn by side, he changes his name to the 


. Sometime later, he marries

Karen Beecher

, who is better known as Bumblebee (not the Transformer).

During the Infinite Crisis event, Mal and Bumblebee team up with other Teen Titans in deep space to stop

Alexander Luthor from re-creating the multiverse into one perfect universe. After successfully completing this mission, they put an end to Luther’s master plan.  But there was a cost. During the chaos, some team members were killed, while Mal and Bumblebee and other were lost in space.

After four weeks lost in space, Mal and his wife are rescued from a Zeta Beam transport accident. Mal is gravely wounded when his sonic horn  (along with android Red Tornado) explodes in his face. 

During the

explosion, pieces of shrapnel become lodged in his chest. While he was close to death in the hospital, Mal is saved by John Henry Irons, whom you might better know as Steel.  John replaces Mal’s damaged lungs and vocal chords with cybernetic ones.

When we last see Mal, he has joined the superhero team Doom

Patrol along with his now ex-wife Bumblebee.

 Mal now goes by the code name Vox since he now has

cybernetic vocal chords and speaks with a

synthesized voice box;

 a box that can also can create sonic blasts and open dimensional portals. Vox has yet to make an appearance in DC’s

New 52.

There you have it - that wraps up Day 12. I hope to see you again here tomorrow for Day 13 of

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 Here is tonight’s question: Which cartoon would you rather bring back - Young Justice or Teen Titans?