Underrated Heroes and Villains – Day 11: Night Thrasher

Underrated Heroes and Villains – Day 11: Night Thrasher

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Here we are at day 11; tonight I want to talk about Marvel comics Night Thrasher.

Night Thrasher, real name Dwayne Michael Taylor, first appearance in comics was in Marvel Comics the Mighty Thor issue 411 back in 1989.

When Dwayne Michael Taylor was a child he had a wonderful life with two wealthy parents, he had everything he could ask for. That is until one fateful night when his parents were gunned down like a dog in the street. In the aftermath of his great tragic loss, he decides to dedicate his life to track down all evil doers and bring them to justice, so no one else would share in his loss.

The first step on his epic quest was to train in martial arts and to hone those skills to become the perfect living weapon to seek vengeance for the unjust.

He was aided in this quest with the help of a family friend ex-military sergeant Andrew Chord, and an elderly housekeeper Tai.

During the day light he would run his family, but at night he would scour the streets as Night Thrasher doling out his brand of justice.

On one of his early outings as Night Thrasher, he would meet a crime fighting brother and sister by the name Midnight's Fire and Silhouette. The two’s main mission was to take down street gangs and organized crime. Night Thrasher would join up with the two to fight crime and help them with their crusade.

The partnership ended badly when Silhouette was paralyzed when she was it by a stray bullet during a bad bust. Midnight's Fire swore to get revenge on Night Thrasher, blaming him for his sister injuries. Midnight's Fire turns to a life of crime becoming a cop killer and drug lord with the hopes of forcing Dwayne into a physical confrontation. Dwayne was in love with Silhouette and was made to believe that she was dead.

Dwayne realizes that he needs more help to continue with his mission, he trains harder. Using his family wealth and with the help of Chord (who Dwayne did not know was Midnight's Fire and Silhouette father) he built a state of the art headquarters and computer networking system. He also created a suit of specialized armor and weaponry.

Feeling he might need some back-up Night Thrasher began researching young heroes to put together a team. He built his team resembling the Fantastic Four, him being the Mr. Fantastic of the group. He next set his sights on Richard Rider better known as Nova; because of his destructive power he would take the place of the Thing.

His next targets where Firestar to fill the shoes of the Human Torch, and last but not least Marvel Boy filling in for the Invisible Woman.

They first hit the streets when Terrax, former Herald of Galactus was wreaking havoc on streets of New York. The foursome came upon to two young heroes Speedball and Namorita battling Terrax. With the combined skills and powers the six young heroes where able to put an end to his destructive rampage.

Realizing how all six of them worked together well, they join forces to become the superhero team known as the New Warriors.

Under Night Thrasher’s leadership the New Warriors would go on to do great things, like aiding the Mighty Thor battle the Unstoppable Juggernaut and team-up with Marvel first family, the Fantastic Four, battle Terrax when he resurfaced. Night Thrasher would learn the truth about his parent’s death and be reunited with Silhouette and bring Midnight's Fire to justice for his crimes. Alas Night Thrasher would meet a tragic end when fighting alongside a different team of New Warriors against the villains Nitro. Night Thrasher was killed in the blast at an elementary school in Stamford, Connecticut; this event would lead to Marvel Comics Civil War.

Night Thrasher was skilled in hand-to-hand combat and has trained in various martial arts. He was extremely skilled in gymnastics. His combat armor was bulletproof and fireproof, and also impenetrable to blades; it also gave him enhanced level of strength. His helmet allowed him to the abilities of infrared and telescopic vision. He used many different types of weapons including adamantium-laced garrote wires,


pair of Escrima sticks, explosives, but his favorite was an uzi sub-machine gun. Night Thrasher main mode of transportation was high-tech fiberglass skateboard. The skateboard had retractable razor-sharp blade and was able to be used as a weapon during battle.

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Here is tonight’s question: The superhero villain Penance was once what superhero?