On The Sofa With The King: Day Z Standalone Alpha Review

Hey, so DayZ has finally been released in its stand alone version. For those of you that have not heard of DayZ, it is a multiplayer sandbox zombie survival game where you spend your time gathering supplies avoiding zombies and hoping that other players are trustworthy.  The game started out as a mod of Arma 2 a hyper realistic military shooter.  As a mod it was a hit but it left much to be desired.  The constant updates and finding a server that was up to date with the version you were updated with was a hassle and there was also the occasional graphical glitches, but you dealt with it because the game play was amazing when it was working. All of us waiting for the day that the standalone version of the game would be released.

Now the game is finally here in its alpha and it has delivered.  That's not to say it does not have its downsides as well, but when you play a game in its alpha its expected.  The big problem of updates matching servers is gone everything is done automatically in the standalone and runs a lot smoother.  This time a feature has been added that lets you find what server your steam friends are on, which just relieves so many headaches.  There is nothing worse than trying to play with your friends and having to find a server that you can all get on now its just as simple as clicking on the server you see your friends are on.

In game there are plenty of items and it seems as if they have made the game more melee heavy.  There are two types of axes, a bat, wrench, crowbar, and plenty of other tools with multiple uses.  Food cans now have to be opened with a can opener but you can also use things like an ax or screw driver but you loose some of the food when you use this method.  There are also a ton of items in game which have no use yet but seem as though they will have a purpose in the future updates.  This early in the alpha the creators chose to leave out automobiles I'm assuming they will be added later as well.  There has also been a clothing system added into the game where each article of clothing can be swapped out for clothes you find or loot off of dead bodies. Each piece of clothing also can have pockets that you use for storage and shirts can be ripped up into bandages for emergencies when you might have just gotten away but don't have anything to stop your bleeding.

The downsides are mostly due to it being alpha.  If you can't handle a few glitches every now and then I would recommend waiting til release of the full game.  What I have run into so far has been minor.  I have been locked in a room and had to switch servers, I have lost a character over night when they rolled out an update, and I have died from walking off a stair case a few steps too early. Overall I would say that these things are a bearable circumstance of playing the game in alpha and if you enjoyed the DayZ mod then I would definitely recommend this game to you.  

Ooooo I almost forgot you can wear masks now...

I'm not sure what's scarier running into a zombie or a bandit in a clown mask?