Super Troll:

I tip my hat to the creator of this amazing idea... This man has created a "bait" website,, in which the sole goal of it is to trick people into giving him material to troll them with.  He explains that this site offers a free service of touching up pictures that you send via email. He then proceeds to edit the photo under the disguise of an employee of either as a person foreign to English, someone not that good at Photoshop, or someone who takes things too literally and then hilarity ensues.
Then after all of the trolling you can't just let it be between you and your victim... THE WORLD MUST SEE!!! So, he then posts his exploits on the site  This site just brings joy to my heart... and I hope it doesn't become so big that nobody falls for the gags anymore... ANYWAYS... trick your friends/enemies and send them to