What to Know When Pokemon X & Y comes out

Hey guys and girls (no stereo typing here) Pokemon X & Y is coming out world wide in a months time and there will be some big changes coming in this generation. Besides the normal new region and new Pokemon, there is also some big game play changes with these two versions and who knows what will come in the inevitable Pokemon Z.

First big change that most be addressed is the new Pokemon type Fairy type. Not since Gold and Silver have we gotten a new type of Pokemon, but unlike that generation, there are a lot of changes to the meta game. First thing first, while gold and silver changed the type of only two Pokemon (Magnemite and its evolved form Magneton) X & Y has a confirmed number of 4 Pokemon who has had their type changed. They include Jigglypuff, Marill, Gardevoir, and Mawile and most likely the evolution's of Jigglypuff and Marill. I am also assuming that the pre-evolutions of Gardevoir are also Fairy types (they are Ralts and Kirlia if you were unaware). Also remember these are only the Pokemon confirmed with type changes, like cleFAIRY. This is a big change to the game which has 5 generations ahead of it and honestly I don't see why they did it. It was weird when they did it with Magnemite and there are a lot more Pokemon this time. Especially with the changes to the effectiveness of attacks.

With the new meta game, dragons got a major nerf of sorts. They are almost totally helpless against Fairies. That's right, Jigglypuff can completely kick the but of a Dragonite. Not only are Fairy type attacks super effective against dragons, but Fairies are completely immune to dragon type attacks.

Type Chart for Pokemon X & Y
Type Chart for Pokemon X & Y

Also changed is that Steel types are no longer resistant to Ghost and Dark types which I guess makes some sense for Ghost types, not so sure why they chose Dark types as well. From what I can understand Dark types are the opposite of Physic types and they still don't do much damage to Steel so why the change with Dark.Last changes to types are Electric types are immune to paralysis, and Grass types can't be put to sleep by Spore or Sleep Powder. The last two was kinda obvious in the works since the previous games introduced Poison types being immune to the poison affect.

Last thing I want to point out to you guys coming to Pokemon X & Y, mega evolution's!! Yeah they are taking a page from the Digimon rule book, and now pokemon have a new temporary final evolution. If you are wondering if I missed typed, I didn't so pay attention! Certain pokemon now have a mega evolution that can be activated by an item, but only in battle. They stay in that form for the duration of the battle. Also they get new a new ability and some even change their type (hint Ampharos can become a dragon type). Do want to note that when the battle is over your pokemon will return to normal. It is definitely an interesting mechanic and I will be watching to see if they allow it in mulitplayer since you can't use items.

So I'm excited to play this game and see what they added to this well loved game. Still though everyone yell at Nintendo and Gamefreak and demand the Pokemon MMO we all want.