Google Glass Watch Out... Space Glasses

Google is getting a run for their money with the new Space Glasses set to release in December 2013 for Developers and April 2014 for us normal folk.   From what I've read and seen on the Meta site if this does work the way it says it will Glass has got nothing on Meta's Space Glasses.  They took augmented reality to a whole new level and for less than half the price of the Google Glass... Don't get me wrong I love me some Google but they are going to have to rethink their strategy and come back hard because these guys came out of nowhere with a competing model the makes you feel like Tony Stark.

Granted the developer's model isn't much to look at, but the features out way the bulky design and all that cosmetic shit is fixed with the April release... and did I mention the Space Glasses are only going to be $667 compared to Google's $1500.  Anyways don't let me bore you with words watch this cool video on the Space Glasses site.