On The Sofa With The King: E3 2013 What This Means For The Future Of Gaming

Ok you pieces of shit, it's that time of the year where your nerd vaginas get all moist and squishy. Tons of announcements were made, some surprising and some expected to come, that for the most part did the same thing that E3 does every year(make you shit your pants). Some of the announcements were Xbox One being a DVR with integrated Skype, PS4 undercutting Xbox One in price and stating they will support used games while Xbox One will not, and Nintendo just sitting off to the side and sneaking up with a SUPER SMASH BROTHERS release.
Now all this is exciting and all and there are plenty more features that will probably be discussed in the podcast but all of these features have one thing in common.  You could do all of these things on a PC 3 years ago. When is it going to get to the point where a majority of consumers realize that a console is essentially a low end gaming PC and the only thing that consoles offer over PC are a handful of games that are exclusive to the console. *cough* Emulators *cough*. All consoles are doing are grasping for gimmicks, like motion controls and ease of use, to pull in the dumb shits who don't know how to use Google.
Forget about choosing an Xbox or Playstation and choose between Intel or AMD. So hold this Xbox One dick while I PS on your 4head and have you say Wii U. GET A GAMING PC!!!