Tor Up From The Floor Up: What Is Tor and How To Get Started

Ok so if you listened to the last podcast we went on about the Deep Web and all of its splendor. This post is gonna be a mini tutorial on how to go about accessing that deepest of webs. First you will need to download Tor, Tor is the system that enables you to browse the deep web anonymously, and you can download it here.  It's a browser, not very different than Firefox, Chrome, or IE, that bounces you around a network of voluntary relays that makes your browsing untraceable.
Now what you do with this new power I leave up to you but keep in mind the great words of Ben Parker... "With great power comes great responsibility".  I say this because the internet can be a fucked up place and that's the version of the Internet that we're allowed to view. So, prepare yourself for the possibility of coming across something you can't unsee or even worse something that can get you in a shit ton of trouble depending on the country you are from.  You know what they say ,"Tor doesn't show you a donkey show Jorge uploaded it and you searched for it", and that's a direct quote from Jorge.
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