When are we Dead?

If you stop and think, when do we die? Is it as simple as when we stop breathing and our brains no longer function. You know, when we are one step away from becoming a zombie (which is impossible if you were wondering).
Our bodies are in a constant state of death and repair, old cells die and the ones around them replicate to replace the ones lost. When you age, your body can no longer produce perfect new cells and you get janked up ones instead with no way to return them no matter how much you whine, bitch, or yell about how important you are and how you should get what you want.

 grr.... sorry, needed to vent some retail hate there, but seriously, is the point when you start aging the point when you start dying? Are we in a constant state of death and is it when our bodies no longer function that we are considered dead? Like our bodies are in a losing battle of keeping itself working until death knocks on our door (also death isn't a thing or a person, no final destination people)

My final note is live your lives to the fullest and that Miguel is full of it> lets hear it for Miguel the philosopher.
Just messing with you man.

P.S. Interesting fact, scientists have discovered that oxygen (the stuff all around you in the air) is what triggers death in the body. When you remove oxygen from a cell, it doesn't die then, it dies when you introduce oxygen to it, which then triggers all the other cells around it to die, causing death.


Thank you and have a nice day