Underrated Gem: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

Every so often we find games so amazing, that you question why they weren't as successful as you would've expected. This game is one of them.

Let's be honest though. How many people even remember playing this game, let alone ever heard of it? Barely anyone. Then again, it was a GameCube title and not a lot of people even owned one. Everyone was on the PS2 and spent days playing GTA or Jak and Daxter or some other title like "My Dick in a Box" for the GBA. 

Getting back to the game, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles is an interesting title and it stood out against many. It took some themes from the series and added so many new things which made it refreshing and intuitive. The story took place in different world but some enemies from the FF Universe were brought into it. One of the main things that obviously stood out were the controls. It wasn't turn based and attacks were done in real time . You still had the typical classes : Mages/Meele/Support. However, what REALLY differentiated this game from others is the unique multiplayer.

In order to play Multiplayer, each player would require a Gameboy Advance/SP and a Link Cable. The Gameboy was basically the inventory system for the player and the actual controller itself. It showed an individual map and overall, the concept was amazing. But I'll stop here. I'll show you this instead.