So...have you heard about Space? Pt. I

Before you read this...(there's a lot to read obviously)  you should press the play button on that video. Set you up for a "SPACE-FILLED MOOD".

The Empty Vacuum makes up a good portion of what's around us. It nests the galaxies, the stars within them , and the black holes that can swallow our solar system. You think a trip from New York to Japan is so far away? Miles mean nothing in space.

 In Space, we measure distance in by AU(Also known as an Astronomical Unit) That's pretty much the distance between our Sun and Earth. (92 Million Miles) Bear in mind, from New York to Japan it's only 9,000 miles. Even so, like I said, space is much MUCH larger than you see in our Solar System. Those little dots you see in the night sky...those "little" dots are massive stars. Some that are 10000x bigger than our own star and thousands times hotter.

The closest star to us is Proxima Centauri. It's only four light years away!  But wait..I said Light years. That's not exactly close. Light travel travels at a rate of 186,000 miles per second. It takes close to 8 minutes and change for light to travel from the Sun to Earth. So for us to reach that star (and live to tell about it) we'd have to travel either at an equivalent rate to that of the speed of light , if not MUCH faster.  But let's get back to miles. If you're a bit stuck on how long is a lightyear...well it's 5,865,696,000,000 miles. That's a lot of numbers. Most objects in space travel at a measly few thousands miles per hour. 

So get this. You go to the beach and you see sand everywhere. Imagine one of those small grains of sand was the Milky Way Galaxy. It's so tiny and you can't see much of it but it's there alright. The full of those grains. Quadrillions, if not more, of those small grains. Each of those grains would represent a Galaxy. And within those galaxies there are billions of stars and even more planets. Now think about this again. As unique as you may be, you're one person out of a number so large that it probably won't fit in this page. There has to be much more than just life on Earth.....right?

We've sent a man to the moon. We're sending a colony to mars. We're just getting started.