Evolution, Technology, and Religion

            Imagine this... You are an immortal all knowing all powerful being in an empty void.  You can do anything and know everything... except you can't know one thing really.  What's that one thing you say? Well it would be knowing what it is like when you are not around.  After living for so long knowing everything you've grown bored and emotionless all alone in your world.  So this idea invades your mind, like a virus, an idea so strong you just can't shake it.    
             Now you can't get this idea out of your head and you decide to go through with it.  The question is how will you go about it.  The only way a true gangsta would do it.  BLOW YOURSELF UP!!! I mean what other options does he have, go out like a pussy on too many sleeping pills that's just not epic enough for a being of your magnitude. Now there you go decisions made and KABOOM!!!, so what by chance do you think happened?
             The biggest bang of  them all. Now if this is so, essentially we are little bits of dead God.  Now you look at the title and go "We get the religion part but what is it with the technology and evolution?" Well I was just getting there you impatient poop head thanks for interrupting.  Now ask your self this question... Back in 1920 how did you get information?  You would get it one of three ways word of mouth, newspaper, or library.  While today all the information in the world is at our fingertips via smartphone or computer.  "What does that have to do with anything?" you ask. Well if you give me a second, JESUS CHRIST!!! Technology is bringing us together as a species and if we ever met another life form around our level we would be able to share our info with them and expend our knowledge.  This evolution of knowledge is slowly bringing us to recreating God again.  BLASPHEMY!!! you say... well I say this... Look at your thumb... really look at it... how much do you really know about what is going on in your thumb at this very moment.  Do you feel compassion for the cells dying and becoming your thumb nail or realize how hard it might be as a white blood cell to fight the good fight to keep you safe from germs and disease. Now this is a zoom in on your thumb lets zoom out a couple light years and what do you see, a little shiny spec... doesn't that kinda make you think a bit... if it doesn't then go back to kicking rocks or what ever it is you do. Well the whole point of this little weird philosophical moment was maybe all you anti-science christian loonies are the virus and are slowly stopping God from coming back and us science devils are just the white blood cells who will weed you out of the system eventually.  Now I don't necessarily believe in anything I just typed but isn't it a nice thought, that by working together and accepting one another we can become a singular being greater than ourselves?
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