What to do with an old computer : Arcade Maybe?

So, you just bought a brand new computer a month has gone by it is out dated and it's now time to get a new computer.  Ok, so that's a bit of an exaggeration, but not far off from the truth. You can only upgrade those Jiggabytes so many times before it is just a paperweight/usb wall charger.  My suggestion... stop being a cheap mother fucker and buy a new one.  You are in denial of the dying nature of your old computer, that pentium processor and 512 mb of ram isn't gonna play battlefield 3... you are lucky you are even running this blog right now.
Now hold on there Quamali I didn't say that. There are plenty of uses for your old computer after you get a more up to date one.  The most popular right now that I'm aware of is keep the box for the new one put the old one in it and sell it on www.ebay.com at a bargain price and after wards you can give 65 cents a day to Quamali up there to have a new school built in his village.
Another option is turn your old computer into an arcade.  Most real arcade units run on 1.6 processor speed and 256mb of ram and even that is over kill.  Your old computer hopefully has more specs that that and if so just find a cable that hooks it up to your tv and a couple of cheap usb controllers and goodbye nintendo wii. All you have to do is download an emulator and some roms... "What's that?" you say. It's not rocket science I'm teaching here so just sit in your thinking chair and concentrate. An Emulator is software that duplicates (or emulates DERP) the function of older hardware on your computer, for example an NES or Sega Genesis. Then just down load some roms... "DUUURRRR Are wE gONnA TraAVEl bacK In TimE?" No you dumb shit get back in the chair and listen.  A Rom is a file that emulators can read that contains a copy of games from the past, for instance Super Mario 3 or Echo The Dolphin. You then just load the rom into the emulator and play all the old school classics from childhood or from the stone age if I'm talking to the younger demographic.  "WherRe du I fiNd dEez tIngs CriZpY?" JESUS CHRIST I WAS JUST GETTING TO THAT!!! There are plenty of places you can find roms and emulators and I don't feel like teaching you how google works today so one of my favorite sources for the glorious games of the past is www.theoldcomputer.com give it a shot and tell all your friends how you are so smart you made a magic box that travels back in time and brings you old games to play. 

ANYWAYS that's enough for today take this little nugget of wisdom and go far my friends far into the future... and on some real shit stop trying to upgrade a computer that was made last millennium it's not worth it you penny pinching ass hat. Thanks for reading and just remember just because daddy is yelling at you doesn't mean he doesn't love you