GeekBrew Firefall: Early Impression Review

Hey my fellow gamers, have you heard of Firefall? No!!! Well to be honest me neither. The few times I heard it mentioned were in PC Gamer and I didn't look into it that much then. Well, in their last edition they went into depth about this game and I admit, they kinda hooked me. This game seemed to take game play bits from other games and put them together in interesting ways. There is a MMO element to this game where you play with hundreds of your fellow hardcore nerds, gaming chicks (they exist, rare, but exist) and average gamers who can only play when they can (stupid jobs!); its an open world pve environment that seems to be leaning towards a mix of Skyrim (not a MMO yet) and Rift (another MMO) where you can explore every place in the world and go against random events; they seem to have removed questing in favor of the random event system where, besides your normal monster spawns, you get world event invasions from AI controlled mobs; Its a 1st person/over the shoulder shooter (you can change it to your preference, I usually go 1st person) where you have almost no abilities except 2 (maybe more but I haven't played much yet, subscribe to my youtube channel at Engineer2G for future videos); and its got a pvp element that supposed to be designed for e-sports.

As of right now its still in heavy beta and so don't expect a lot of fellow players (unless I was just on at a slow day, who knows), and also expect lots of bugs. Overall though it was a fun game with a Borderlands kinda of art style, and a refreshing combat system. All through the mouse with 2 abilities controlled with your keyboard, but who knows, they might add controller capabilities and/or allow you to rebind those abilities to those hot-key buttons on your awesome gaming mouse. Don't have you? THEN WHAT ARE YOU PLAYING WITH?!? Just joking.

Firefall is definitely an interesting game that doesn't fit well in one definition or type of game. It is a bunch mixed together in a smart and awesome way. Hopefully they pull it off when it goes live some time latter this year (fingers crossed). Also one last thing, if you have capital letters in your password, don't hit caps lock! Hold shift instead!

And that is my early review of Firefall, see you in game saving the world and ROCKET BOOTS!!!

P.S. If all that coolness wasn't enough, the game will be FREE-TO-PLAY when it goes live. FREE!!!