Elder Scrolls Online Review of a Review

Hey, if you are like me and played the Elder Scrolls games, specifically the latest one Skyrim, then you probably were also excited or at least curious about the Elder Scrolls Online game that is in development. Well Jesse Cox managed to visit the studio and see the alpha version back in October. Granted this is January and who knows what was changed, but I just want to give my opinion based on what I am hearing.

First is that the game play sounds to be a mix of Guild Wars 2 and Skyrim. Your basic attacks are through your left and right mouse buttons, with a 5 or 6 hot bar. The hot bar will be like guild wars where you have multiple abilities but can only choose a handful at a time. My guess these will be your spells or stuff that you would have set as favorite in Skyrim (I hope). I hope they don't have a bunch of melee weapon abilities on the hot bar, because one of the things I felt refreshing in Skyrim was that your attacks were done through the mouse. I think we have gotten to the point where less hot bar buttons to push is better and going away from the WoW or D&D online style of MMO.

The next thing that I take away from this review is that the questing will be like an Elder Scrolls game, but also like a MMO like WoW. I hope they can pull of the phase system mentioned because if this becomes just another static world where the only quests have me collecting 10 bear pelts, forget it. I still play WoW now and again (keep an eye on my youtube channel Engineer2G for a planned WoW series) and I also play Star Trek Online and Guild Wars 2, and honestly I am at the point that unless there is some kind of huge change in MMO format, I will not be playing this game or any others in the future. When I got Guild Wars 2, I felt that it was going to be the last MMO I play. There was still to much WoW game play in there, though they did change it up in a more enjoyable way. My prayers is that the people making Elder Scrolls Online can pull of something amazing and keep the story driving aspect of the other games. Because we don't play Elder Scrolls for grinding or dungeons or raids, we play it for the adventure, the exploration and the amazing story.

I will keep my ears open for more updates on the state of this game and hope it brings my enthusiasm for MMO's back.

Thank you Jesse Cox (OMFGcata) for the video.