Biggest Gaming Peeves

Ladies and gentlemen as gamers we all have those little niche annoyances that pretty much only apply to us. If you don't get them then you're not one of us and should feel secluded and shunned from the rest of the geeks.  Go watch a football game or something you jock piece of shit. Of course I kid and these annoyances are borderline first world problems, but let me get them out there and off my underdeveloped chest. (see I can make fun of you and me)

1. That moment when you decide to play a game you have not played in a while you get all hyped up and ready to go. You run and get your junk food, power up you console or pc, and it hits you like an uppercut to a hoodrat on the bus. BAM 6 HOUR UPDATE. Now you decide between waiting to play the game and watching a Honey Boo Boo marathon or playing something you're not in the mood for.  Well Honey Boo Hoo.

2. As I may have stated in a previous post there are too many good games.  This may be the perfect counter to peeve numero uno, but I'll stop you there when your in the mood for Chinese food you don't go eat a burrito and say your satisfied and the same goes for games if I want a sneaky adventure I'm not gonna play Call of Duty I'm going for a Metal Gear Solid or Hitman. Anyways... Before I veer of the topic cliff games are expensive and I do want to experience them all and it is hard to do with limited time and funds... *cough* click on the amazon ad *cough*
3. Having real life shit to do.  Yea I said it, don't get me wrong I have friends and we do social stuff and things, but sometimes you just wanna laze about and talk trash to assholes online in a free for all and you gotta go renew your drivers license... FUCK THAT... who needs to drive I just bought the new Need For Speed.

4. On a similar note talking trash to 13 year olds... You want to mute them but then again you want to curse them out.  Its an addiction I've been fighting since I became 14.  They troll you on topics they don't even understand, play music on the mic, scream every time they die (more like a prepubescent squeal), and half the time it's on a game that they shouldn't be allowed to play.  I wish a concerned mother would walk in on her 13 year old boy as he tells a 40 year old man online to suck his dick.

5. Admins... need I say more... well I will very rarely do I enter a server where the admin doesn't mention that he's an admin 30 to 40 times in the night and threaten to ban people for sheer nonsense... I was once banned from a server for saying... "shit man you fucking got me... Good Shit"... next thing I know with no warning I'm out of the match and it says on my screen banned for excessive language.  THE GAME IS RATED M FOR MATURE contains sex, drug use, violence, and strong language... I swear if Mother Theresa herself played counter strike with these douche nozzle admins they'd accuse her of hacking and boot her when in reality it was her prayers and dedication that get her all those headshots

6. Finally, to end it for tonight, shit talkers who can't handle a come back.  It starts off as fun and games and then it turns into all out RAGE... EXAMPLE:

Rageface69: Fuck you... You're mom's a whore.
Me: Yup she does it with pride and the pricing isn't too high
Rageface69: I know she sucked my dick for 5 dollars the other night
Me: I know I was in the other room giving your dad a handjob while watching the Cosby Show
Me: Yea well your dad is the one paying me for a hand job and that shits genetic so your gonna be gay too
Me: Hey man she's blowing you for money not me so who did you just insult?
Rageface69: has disconnected

Part of me loves one upping these stupid pricks online, but the other part of me hates the fact that stupid homophobic racist mom joke telling people exist out there in the world. What can I say shit happens... and sometimes its on your mom's chest... OOOOOOOOOOOO I totally pwned all you fags... homo I bet you watch vampire diaries and enjoy the occasional reality show about rich housewives... My point being so what if I do... Vampire diaries is a good show and I only watch those housewives because it makes me mad to hear all the stupid shit they complain about...wait that wasn't my point... my point was that I was complaining about stupid stuff that bothers me... I guess there is a moral to that somewhere... Probably in your mom's VAGINA!!!!!!!!
or not?