OMG Fo ReaLz: Too Many Video Games

What happened to the days of there being one maybe even two good video games out at the same time and 12 shit games that you could rent from Blockbuster.  For me it used to be Super Smash Brothers or Golden Eye,  but now a days it has become 18 hits released in the same month and they all sell a record breaking amount. My wallet can not handle this nor can I fit all these games into my daily routine.  It's gotten to the point where even free games have become amazing like Planet Side 2 or League Of Legends. There just is not enough time in the day to beat all these games or even play them consistently.  I try to stick to a handful of games at most, but then a new amazing game comes out without warning and I'm like SHIT THESE FUCKING RAPISTS WON'T EVEN USE ANY LUBE.  My wallet begs for mercy and now I guess I am too. Give me at least a 4 month break before another good game is released I got some catching up to do.