So Marijuana????

Yea that stuff is legal in a few states and it is only a matter of time before the rest of the states get with the program.  Then the federal government will just be like ah fuck it just let em have it. What puzzles me is there are way worse drugs that are entirely legal and no one says anything until your eating a face on the highway, but of all the legal substances I've been googling this evening Salvia is by far my favorite.  Watching people trip balls for five to ten minutes is so entertaining to me.  They say its like all the intensity of an acid trip packed into a couple of minutes.  ANYWAYS the point of this rant is I want you to watch people trip balls with me.  Just wait for the look of sheer terror in his eyes and then try and hold in the laughter. Its priceless and I don't understand how some crazy mother hasn't gone ape shit over this yet, forming a hate group and blaming the gays or Obama.  Maybe they were writing the letter to congress on Salvia, that explains the whole thing.