I'm the kind of guy who's open to a lot of things and gives almost anything a chance. I sit through horrible reality shows with the girlfriend, I have grown to loving the show vampire diaries, and I will threaten to suck a dudes dick just to win an argument in Call of Duty.  So, now that I looked back at that past sentence I question my sexuality then realize... I don't dress well enough to be gay and have a very sensitive gag reflex so there goes that idea.   
Anyways before I give you any more possible ammunition to fuel the sofakingcrizpy is gay bonfire I went to see Les Miserables yesterday, right after I finished chopping some wood, and hunting for bears while watching a football game, and I must say I usually like the things that are different and stand out from the crowd but Jesus Christ this was bit much for me.  If you didn't already know Les Miserables is a musical and if you went to see it you will figure that out in the first 2 seconds.  Now I usually like musicals and the fact that in the movie all the actors were singing live on scene and were not prerecorded and lip syncing was an awesome idea that pretty much pulled me in. So an hour and a half in I realize this isn't a musical its a music video with a few sentences thrown in that were not sung to a tune... It was exhausting to sit through just imagine the dramas of Jersey Shore but every line was sung out to a non stop tune of ever changing moods and Anne Hathaway could play Snooki. I think the only reason some one would give this movie a good review is because they don't want to be accused of not being hipster enough.  Les Mis is too high up on the food chain of movies to be taken down and will probably win tons of awards, but I must say on a scale of 1- 10 (1-3 being the Twilight Saga) Les Mis gets a 5 because I feel Anne Hathaway almost had a nip slip when she was out on the town slutting it up, oh and Ali G is in it for a while which is always nice.