D-D-D-D-D-DUBDAY MONDAY: Lolita Remix PatrickReza

So I heard you like dubstep like every other obnoxious EDM-loving teenager out there! What's that you say? You DON'T love dubstep? Well fuck you too then , nigga. Don't make me come to your house and FUCK YOU UP. 

Anywho , Dubday Monday is this weekly shit where I post music that people do drugs to. Like , give a Dominican plantains and he goes crazy. Give him dubstep and he goes insane. Like no kidding , my old black neighbor (that looks like Bill  Cosby) took some molly while listening to deadmau5.

 ^^This guy is badass. But yeah , expect some underground hipster shit that you probably never heard of and be amazed by how many wubs you hear in this shit. 

To start it off , we have PatrickReza. This guy is talented. His tracks pack this glitchy wub sound that I love. Shit's dope. The latest track by him happens to be a remix of 'Lolita by The Veronicas. 

TAKE MY WORD ON THIS. This is a great track. If you haven't heard of this guy before , this is an awesome way to introduce you to him. Enjoy this. Smfd & Merry Christmas. Assholes.